[LIMITED OFFER] Coffee Conversations with Bella!



Over the years, as I’ve progressed in life and spirit—traversing across numerous countries and embracing new disciplines and career paths—one of the most common questions that I am consistently asked is, “How?”

How did you transition from an Entertainment Journalist (covering music festivals and interviewing A-list celebrities) to working with renowned, global brands as a Publicist; to developing experiential activations with Google as a Marketer, to becoming a Strategist (and combining your passion for technology, advertising, marketing and digital media in innovative ways); and now, launching a private travel concierge and talent agency that spans 15+ countries?

The questions don’t stop at just the career-focused. I’m often asked, “How do you facilitate ‘space?'” And how do you manifest a life that is invigorating, inspiring, purposeful, soul-fulfilling, challenging and yet, fully supported? How do your personal philosophies and spiritual beliefs influence your decisions? Aren’t you afraid of doing too many things? How do you make money? How do you avoid your market becoming outdated? How can I do it too??

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Well, in a span of six months, I have traveled to over 6+ countries and am currently in the midst of embarking upon what will be the most consuming year of my life—with plans to launch four new projects, as well as massively accelerate my current business(es) in 2018.

This isn’t anything inherently new; as I’ve been traveling and building for years, but for the first time, I went AGAINST my overly private Scorpio tendencies, and started sharing elements of my life, success and travels online.


The other day, I had an epiphany! I had just returned from Thailand and China, and was having coffee with my mentee in one of my favorite local coffee shops. I hadn’t been very good at checking my DM’s on Instagram, and when I did, I was surprised to discover over 25+ messages from people I knew (and from strangers).

The same thing happened on Facebook… Everyone from unhappy business professionals seeking to pursue their life’s passions, to students on the brink of entering an uncertain job market, to people at the start of their spiritual journeys were all messaging ME for help, assistance and/or direction.

I won’t be in town for long, as I have a problem with nesting in one place for lengthy periods, but while I’m in Los Angeles (and stationary), I am offering limited access to the source of your questions: ME!


For the next month, I will host private, one-hour “Coffee Conversations” where I meet with individuals who are either curious about my journey (professional or spiritual), their own paths or both.

During these sessions, you can ask me questions such as:

  • How I got my start in Journalism (and how you can become a professional writer)
  • How I became a Strategist
  • How I Travel AND Work
  • How you can travel for FREE as a writer and/or influencer
  • Best business practices and/or strategies for your current endeavor
  • How I land celebrity interviews (and how you can do it too)
  • Current market trends and innovations in the Tech/Entertainment/Fashion industries
  • How I began my spiritual journey

I will host as many sessions as possible between December 18, 2017 and January 26, 2018 (with unavailabilities existing during the holiday period and New Years).

Pricing Tiers:

$30/hour: For college students and/or individuals under 25 years-old
$50/hour: For professionals and those over the age of 25

*Accepted payment methods include Venmo or Chase Quickpay with Zelle. Venmo requires verification, but anyone may use Chase Quickpay (regardless of who you bank with). Credit cards are accepted via both methods.


In-person sessions will take place at one of the following coffee shops OR via Skype (for those who are not local to L.A.).

Disclaimer: Since in-person sessions may be booked consecutively, meeting at your coffee shop of choice may not always be viable. However, I will notify you immediately upon booking if your session needs to be hosted at an alternate location. At that time, you will have the option of either confirming the alternate venue or selecting another date/time for your session.


To book your coffee session, please check my online Calendly calendar and make sure that the date/time that you want is available. After you select your time slot, you will receive an email with a verification. Within 8 hours, you will be sent a request for payment via your selected method (Venmo or Chase Quickpay).

Payment must be received with 6 hours of receipt, otherwise your session will be cancelled.

If you book a next-day session, you will receive a request for payment within 1 hour of booking, and payment must be received with 4 hours of booking.

Search for availability and book here: http://bit.ly/CalendlyCoffeeConvos

I look forward to connecting with you!

<3 Bella