Blogger Outreach

In today’s ever-evolving technological market, the power (and persuasion) of digital media grows more and more powerful everyday. What was once considered a hobby for some (i.e. blogging) has grown into a new and exciting industry, and bloggers are leading the Internet as some of the top influencers. In fashion especially, the power of bloggers has grown so large that major corporations (and television shows) are leveraging their relationships with bloggers to gain new audiences, and also to retain their old ones.

blogger outreach

However, the key word in that last sentence is “relationships.” As a business owner, you want to reach out to bloggers who fit your target audience, who can help you reach new demographics and who fall in line with your brand’s vision. Over the years, working in both public relations and marketing – as well as being a blogger myself – I have grown authentic relationships with a powerful circle of bloggers and I can harness the power of those relationships for your company’s benefit. If you’re looking to reach out to bloggers to review your brand, collaborate on a campaign or even host an event, I can help you facilitate that. This can be done on a project by project basis, or something more long-term. Email me and together, we can come up with a package that fits your needs!

(With top bloggers and social influencers, left to right: Chriselle Lim, Andrea’s Choice and Karen Civil)

Check out coverage for “#SMWSocialStyle: The Style of Socal Media” – a blogger event I hosted during L.A. Social Media Week – below!

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#smwSocialStyle (Bowtie

Pre, live and post Twitter interactions!

Instagram interactions!

(#SMWSocialStye before it hit capacity!)

Makeup Mania! Hosted by Me!